Seeking the Shift

A Quest for Hope

Welcome to Seeking the Shift

Greetings. First, I wish that thank you for visiting with me here today. Please come back often. 

 It is with great hope that I am creating these pages to share with you. I feel very blessed to be working with wonderful Guides who have been teaching me, little by little over the past eight years. A number of people know me as Mimi but for the web site I will be using the name the Guides call me by, Estell.

From the beginning when first awakening to my spiritual journey I have been fascinated with the Shift. There is a huge amount of information to be found on the internet and numerous books available on the subject. Some information has resonated with me. Other information has left me shaking my head because of the fear factor these sites have encouraged.

We are all Star Seed in some form or fashion. Whether you consider the elements that helped to create life on Earth or delve into the belief of reincarnation that expands far beyond our home planet. We are a part of the universe which is made up of star stuff. I hope you will find the topic I have titled, Cosmic Seeds, will open your thoughts to the amazing history the Guides have shared..

Along the way the Guides have introduced me to some very simple and beautiful concepts. Concepts to assist us as we move forward into the Shift of Consciousness of a New Earth. I consider the Guides to be teachers. They are not  just 'my' Guides as I am certain they are working with many other people as well.

While you are here please feel free to explore my other pages on Crystals, Reiki, Energy Protection and Artistic Endeavors.  In the near future I hope to have my web store up and running.

I encourage you to find what speaks to your heart and to release your fears for balance is the key and hope is the door to the Fifth Dimension.

Love, hugs, hope and blessings,